Tips & Tricks for Female Entrepreneurs by primeCROWD & SAP SE

10/24/19, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (CEST)
SAP CX Labs Showroom, Nymphenburgerstr 82, München 80636 DE

SAP Next-Gen MUC & primeCROWD giving a joint workshop for female founders

Only in about every fourth startup do women belong to the founding team and within the companies this relationship continues in the team composition. Then it is even more aggravating that women female founders are attributed significantly less venture capital than men.
In addition to a good start-up idea, mentorship and targeted access to networks and capital have always been the success factors that keep our (currently male-dominated) StartUp Ecosystem going.
In this workshop Svenja Lassen, primeCROWD & Deepa Gautam-Nigge, SAP SE, support to create the appropriate structures and space for the next generation of female entrepreneurs to encourage them to embrace the "adventure of founding" - by giving tips & tricks how to present themselves with an appealing storyline and approach potential investors.

Diversity Purpose & Awareness Startup 101