Lean HR Strategies for Startups by Batchone

10/25/19, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (CEST)
WERK1 (Workshop Raum 1), Atelierstraße 29, 81671 München


Learn how to develop a lean HR strategy to get the right candidate when you need it.

At some point, every startup needs to hire their first employee or intern. But in order to get the right candidate when you need her / him what time do you need to calculate to find the perfect employee?

Diana will start off, by showing how a lean HR process could look like, what makes a candidate the perfect match for your company and demonstrate how long it often takes to hire the right person. She will provide insights how to calculate the right employee demand, define the right job profile and timing to start the “hunt”, which channels can be useful for your search and how to design job ads. She will also provide insights when it makes sense to hire a recruiting company and when it is best to start hiring your own HR team. There will be room left for some questions.

New Work & HR Startup 101