Claudia Schaller, PhD – How Psychedelics Shape(d) Silicon Valley

10/25/19, 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM (CEST)
WERK1 (Cafe), Atelierstraße 29, 81671 München

From Steve Jobs to Tim Ferris, underground to mainstream – find out how altered states of consciousness influence entrepreneurship

Participants can expect an informative session with the latest research about psychedelics, including data from numerous self-conducted interviews. We will look at the history of psychedelic usage in Silicon Valley and the recent shift from underground to mainstream. The audience will find out how altered states of consciousness, ranging from meditation to “medication”, change perception, performance and purpose of entrepreneurs.

Claudia is a hybrid professional with years of experience in life science research as well as innovation consulting. As a long-term Silicon Valley resident, she experienced the renaissance of psychedelics first hand and got valuable insights on its influence on entrepreneurship.

Purpose & Awareness Impact