The future of work: What does it mean for talents and corporates? by Malt Community

10/24/19, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (CEST)
Velvet Coworking, Amalienstraße 71, RGB/2 München 80799 DE

The future of work is now - Who should be afraid? What are the opportunities?

Topic 1) David Lauber, Country Manager from Malt Community
The way we work changed rapidly many times - from textile manufacturing to robotized production in less than 250 years. Now we see a digital revolution unfolding that will significantly change the landscape once again. The session will shed light the impact of AI, robotics, big data and cloud and it's impact on the future of work.

- How does does the way of working change?
- Who are the specialists of the future and what do they care about?
- How can companies access this talent?

Topic 2) Pavol Sikula, Founder of AskBrian

Building the digital workforce - It is exciting to explore new ways of connecting human talent, state-of-the-art (AI) technology and data ... creating digital white collar workforce helping us humans to have more time for meaningful tasks or allowing us to spend it with our loved ones. AI-powered services combined with scalable cloud infrastructure and domain know-how bear unprecedented potential.

- What technologies are relevant?
- What mistakes to avoid when building digital workforce?
- What are the current use cases and adoption level?

Join us for two impulse speeches and subsequent discussion. Drinks will be provided.

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