Innovation meets sustainability: Approaches from interdisciplinary and multicultural realities by TUM x 1E9

10/23/19, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CEST)
Social Impact Lab, Balanstraße 73 / Haus 21A / 3.OG, 81541 München


Young people from around the world meet at TUM in Freising melting their experiences and knowledge about problems from diverse fields of sustainability and the management of constraint resources. This crowd of students is extremely diverse and has so far been off the attention. We bring them to the city center and make them and their projects been heard.

We will have three sessions:

  1. Sustainable Ressource Management and pillars of sustainability: People, planet, profit
    • Meet people coming from Bhutan, Lybia and Costa Rica and learn why they moved to a small Bavarian village
    • Learn about their different realities on today's environmental emergency and learn about their expectations and visions
  2. Innovation for a common vision: Pitch-presentations and interactive discussion
    • Hear about the latest developments in the Amazonas, and learn about Natural Based Solutions (NBS) to foster projects that promote the sustainable use of resources in this region.
    • Join a project to build a digital platform for knowledge sharing on best practices in agriculture in the global south, specifically aiming at small farmers, as a tool to connect and accelerate a transformation towards sustainable production systems.
  3. Innovation for a way of doing business NOT as usual: Panel discussion on Startup / NGO / Corporate Collaboration
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