We take you on a very interesting business journey: from app economy to app security by Build38

10/23/19, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM (CEST)
Build38 GmbH c/o Werk1, 4th Floor, Atelierstr.29, 81671 Munich


The safest apps have the worst enemies. Build38 In-App Protection is the safest possible environment for mobile apps. An innovative SDK basically converts all of your problems into ours combining 6 irresistible advantages:
• One AI platform
• Multi-layered: a combination of multiple protection practices
• Independent: runs in every environment
• Easy to work with for dev ops
• Quick implementation and configuration
• Invisible user experience

Introduction Build38, Mobile Security, Background: CarveOut from G+D, Our 'Hello World'-Experiences, Hands on: Doing Business, Expectation versus Reality, Learning Curve

IMPORTANT NOTE: Check-in for this session is at WERK1 Café

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