Bringing security to the world of blockchain by Infineon

10/24/19, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (CEST)
WERK1 (Eventspace M), Atelierstraße 29, 81671 München

Have you ever thought about what could happen if you are losing your Blockchain user credentials? To interact with a Blockchain, the user’s private key is both: the identity and the security credential. If this key is stolen or attacked, the potential damage on your Blockchain assets is immense.

In our session, you dive into the world of Blockchain technology and learn how the integration of hardware-based security into Blockchain applications, such as tokens or hardware modules, makes private keys much more robust against attacks. Based on our extensive security expertise, we illustrate how developers can easily design Blockchain applications with built-in key protection, enabling end-users to have the best experience when working with the Blockchain.

Blockchain & Crypto