A Keynote "The Post Creative Agency Model" followed by networking and drinks by Freeletics

Open Office
10/23/19, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM (CEST)
Freeletics Office, Lothstraße 5, 80335 München

Freeletics has pioneered a new creative model to fit the digital age and content scaling like no agency could. Learn all about it.

If you ever wondered how a global digital company can remain creative and convey a strong visual identity while scaling content, this session hosted by Guillaume Champeau (Creative Director) is definitely the right choice for you!

Our in-house Creative Director and Executive Producer will answer all questions around the post creative agency model. The keynote will focus on how to go from concept to asset in record time while constantly raising the value of the brand. Additionally, we will give you a sneak peek of how the actual realization of a production looks like.

After the session, we will open our doors for drinks and networking in our amazing office space!
We are looking forward to meeting you there!

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