How to Startup - Deep dive breakfast with the Advisors from EY

10/25/19, 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM (CEST)
Ernst & Young GmbH, Arnulfstraße 59, 80636 München

+++ FULLY BOOKED ++++ 1) How to master legal basics - best practices setting up your business - the legal stuff This workshop focuses on typical legal pitfalls for start-ups in the pre-/incorporation phase on the way to “investor readiness”. Learn how to establish a solid foundation of your business and get fit for your first legal due diligence. 2) Startup Valuation Insights into the startup valuation based on practical examples and presentation of approaches 3) "What financing options do I have?" Overview of financing options and what to expect during an equity investment process 4)How to survive Due Diligence? Due Diligence of your Start-Up is a critical step to get the funding you need. So better be prepared and join our presentation to learn everything about the Due Diligence process and what investors want to see when they screen your Start-Up. 5) How effective financial reporting tells investors about your performance Why you should inform your key stakeholders! How can you use your financials to better understand, measure and develop your startup? Can you deliver financials on demand? Being prepared for the next growth phase of your company.

Legal(Tech) Startup 101