Wieblebub GmbH

The Family

Wieblebub, a company spin off from Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (HDBW), has specialised in the optimisation of innovation processes. The cornerstones of innovation consist of knowledge, how to develop a product and communication, consisting of teams, feedback and network. The third and most important keystone is security, so you‘re able to protect your concept or innovation from third parties.
Thats why Wieblebub developed the Intellectual Property Security Service (IPSS). "IPSS" offers individuals and companies the opportunity to store a cryptographic fingerprint of their innovations with a user-friendly interface in the NEM-blockchain at minimum effort and highest IT security standards. Using cryptographic technology, Wieblebub can provide conclusive evidence in a law case, including a timestamp and the proof of authorship of your IP without ever publishing the document. The blockchain as tamper-proof technology is ideally suited for the protection of IP.
During an innovation process, a lot of IP, worth protecting arises such as software, copyrights, contracts or trade secrets. These kinds of IP, for example, can now be protected.
The certificate you‘ll obtain, can be used as evidence in a lawsuit, e.g. to claim the right of prior use, for a defensive publication or to grant licenses.