InsurTech Hub Munich e.V.

Ecosystem Builders

The InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM) is a not-for-profit entrepreneurial ecosystem that brings together key players and disruptors across relevant industries and technologies to collaborate on creating innovative insurance products and services.
We host events, frequent networking opportunities, knowledge-sharing workshops or meetups, partner with internationally renowned events, like the DIA Conference – and most importantly, has two different international accelerator programs, all with the goal of bringing innovators and corporates in the insurtech world, together.

Established insurance companies have realized their biggest competitors are no longer their industry peers, but rather the Tech Big 5 or InsurTech unicorns. Reliant on traditional and large structures they often have a hard time coping with these fast-moving digital targets. That’s where ITHM enters the stage: our mission is bringing insurers together with promising entrepreneurs, academia, government agencies and cross-industry partners.
Our startup ecosystem is not based on dog-walking apps or the next hip smoothie startup; being an InsurTech means participating in the enabling industry with a market size of €1.2bn just in Europe. Without insurance, self-driving cars won’t be allowed on the road. Without insurance, cybercriminals would be able to bring down big companies within the glimpse of an eye. Without insurance, the majority of people would not be able to consult a doctor, own or rent an apartment, ride a car or take financial care for their family and themselves.