Friendsfactory by Rent 24

Ecosystem Builders

Whether you are looking for a 10 sqm or 600 sqm office, a meeting room or a fancy location for your next event, Friendsfactory has the space for your business. We combine a professional atmosphere with an innovative networking dynamic found nowhere else. Friendsfactory is more than an office! Friendsfactory connects people. Our concept is about the exchange of ideas. In what other office space do you have the opportunity to work with "Friends" while expanding your business?

A stroll through any Friendsfactory will bring the tenants face to face with many interesting potential clients, service providers, friends and new neighbors. Working in a Friendsfactory means to be at home. Communication is a major priority for Friendsfactory. Welcoming conference rooms, and airy common areas contribute to an upbeat, communicative atmosphere not found in conventional business centers.

But sometimes, you just need to get shit done. That's why you rent a room, not a desk, at Friendsfactory. Close the door, work in privacy, concentrate on your subject and your team. You even can style your office in your own corporate design and for your individual needs.

Friendsfactory offers its tenants unmatched flexibility. Your office grows with your businesses meaning if your business expands, you can lease additional space. A generous cancellation policy demonstrates our devotion to our Friends.

We welcome you for three Startup Safari Sessions in our most central work space in Sonnenstraße 23 – between Stachus and Sendlinger Tor.
We have two more locations in Munich: Leopoldstraße 180 ("Schwabinger Tor") and Lyonel-Feiniger-Str. 26 ("Parkstadt Schwabing") and one more soon to be opening in Staffelseestraße, Obersendling.