Be Part of our Team

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A Volunteer is..

A Volunteer is someone who contributes time, effort and talent to support a need or further a mission, without charging for it. Such a person has a wonderful personality. The attitude to contribute one of the highest manors, time, to reach something great together is desirable and goes along with our deepest believes about community. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Welcome to the family!

And now.. look at you, companion, you are such a human being. The fact that you want to be part of our common mission honours us in a way that can’t be expressed by any word.
We are deeply greateful. As we are not taking this attitude, nor your motivation, for granted, you will get a full 3-days-pass for free for supporting us for one and a half days. That means that you can join EVERY SESSION, outside your shifts, you are interesed in.
To hit the the next step for your family enrolment, please, fill in this application form and we will get back to you within the upcoming two weeks.
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It’s time to unite..

We need you, to help us to make the Startup SAFARI Munich event. As an volunteer at Munich Startup SAFARI, you get to work 1.5 days then you will get 1.5 days free of attending sessions.
Your main task is : assist the startups to host sessions in their office. (eg. prepare check-in desk, put up decoration, hand out questionnaire…)

Besides, you will have many benefits.  You can:
+ Get to network with CEOs, VCs, Corporates and many entrepreneurs from Munich
+ Access to every session of the event, free of charge
+ Work a little or a lot 😉
+ Party a little or a lot 😉
+ Enrich your professional network with international professionals
So if you have been looking for ways to engage with the startup scene in Munich, looking to get in touch with the hottest startups or simply looking for a job, well look no more. Sign up the Startup SAFARI volunteer before Oct 15 to get the chances above.